My Birthday

2015-12-02 15:11:48 by Bazz123

My birthday was in november 28. I'm 13 years old :P

Have a good day!

2nd post (info)

2015-10-22 16:59:22 by Bazz123

Hey! Listen! (Zelda :3)
My new name is Phunt. Bazz is my past.

Hey! Listen!

Phunt! Idk how to change my name!

Bye bye!

1st post :D (info)

2015-09-30 04:46:23 by Bazz123


Idk how to start.. I want to explain somethings.. 

About me:

I'm going through a critical stage of a teenager.. you know.. I'm talking about feelings like despair by family things and a lot of acts that brings me resulting consequences..


About songs:

I have 2 sentimentalstep songs ready for publish (lol new genre sentimental + dubstep :v) but I ran out of school vacation to create more considering I'm not ready to making songs I'm a child who was inspired to and I just recieve 1 comment/review per song and Idk what do you think about my music style.. but I'm happy making simple dubstep songs!

I think that's all so..
Greetings and Gbu!